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Easily set a schedule date at the individual job screen by pressing the schedule button, this automatically enters today's date. To change the date, use increment buttons or double click for a calendar. No need to type in the date.

The schedule date can also be entered on the Quick Update batch processing screens. If the estimate is approved, but the customer is not ready to schedule, check the Approved, Not Scheduled box and it will be included on the Approved, Not Scheduled Update screen; when ready, the schedule date can be recorded. Double click to enter current date or use calendar to insert a date.

Once a job is scheduled, it is automatically added to the work schedule, and the estimate is turned into an invoice. 


Clicking the "View schedule" button on the Customer information page displays the range selection box (see below).  Select  the date range you wish to see.  Then clicking  OK, displays all the jobs scheduled for the date range selected (see below).   In a mere few seconds, an open date can be chosen and the customer informed of the date the job will be completed.   To schedule the job, just click New Job from the customer information page, then insert the selected schedule date to complete the transaction.  Simple as 1,2,3.


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