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Quick Update Menu

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The Quick Update Menu gives you the "Big Picture" of jobs progressing through the system, making it easier for you to manage your business. The entire jobs database of active jobs, from new estimates through completed jobs to the final payment, are grouped by status and available for view or editing in this menu. Each phase require different tasks by the office and field staff and each day a manager can set priorities and assign tasks so that the work flows smoothly and efficiently. Knowing the state of your business at any time gives you an edge. 

PowerMax stores jobs according to where they are in the work flow as open estimates, estimates pending approval, approved but not scheduled estimates, invoices for scheduled jobs, open invoices for completed jobs, or paid invoices. 

PowerMax Quick Update Screens also provide a place for batch processing, follow-up, and data entry that will streamline your office work. When estimate crews bring back information from the job site, quickly enter the information at the Quick Estimate or Expanded Estimate screens. Mark jobs as completed, or record the amount received at the Jobs List screen. 

Quick Estimate View and Expanded View

Quick Estimate and Expanded View lists customers that are waiting for an estimate. As your crews submit information gathered in the field, quickly calculate and enter the job amounts for a group of estimates. Record the boxes checked by the crew, or if the estimate was refused, record the reason the job was not awarded. If the estimate was accepted, enter in the Job Total, close the form and open the Pending Approval screen and enter a schedule date, it will then be added to the Job Schedule. To enter comments or directions use the Expanded View. 


Same as above screen, comment and direction fields available.

Pending Approval

Estimate values are calculated, but estimate has not been approved.
Quickly assign a schedule date or mark the estimate as approved, but not scheduled.

Approved, Not Scheduled

When needing to build a work schedule, this screen displays all approved jobs not yet scheduled.   Easily schedule them by clicking on the schedule date. Quickly view the current schedule by clicking the View Schedule button. If needed, Estimate or job amounts can be recalculated by clicking on those fields. Once done, print the new schedule and Invoices and the crew is ready to go. 

Update Completed Jobs

Once a job is assigned a schedule date, it will then appear on the Update Completed Jobs screen where payments can be applied and the status of the job is recorded. Once the job is marked as complete and the Balance due is zero, the job will be removed from this page and be recorded in the customer history for the client.

At the end of the work day, access this screen to update job status as completed.  This screen displays the job status.  If needed, recalculate tax and total. Enter amount received and click job as completed. Once the job is marked as finished and the Balance due is zero, the job will be removed from this page and be recorded in the customer history for the client.  If there is a remaining balance the job will be stored in the balance due invoices file accessible in the Accounts Menu.

Jobs Not Awarded

Track jobs not awarded then print labels or a list by date range for follow-up or future marketing efforts.

Job Complete Balance Due

Found on the Accounts menu, use this screen to keep track of completed jobs with outstanding balance due, use contact information for collection then easily record payment.