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Jobs not Awarded

In the event a customer puts off scheduling the job or does not accept your estimate, the information is saved  for a later time, giving you another "bite at the apple". You still benefit from the original contact and learn from the reasons cited for not following through.  Use this report to telephone to offer a better deal or smooth over any  misunderstandings to get a job back on track. 

Mark on the Job Detail Screen 

or Quick Update Estimate screens

Once marked as a job not awarded, the contact will be included in the Jobs Not Awarded screen as well as the Jobs Not Awarded Report. Use this screen as you follow-up by phone. If they change their mind, simply uncheck the Job Not Awarded and they are automatically returned to the work flow. 




Keep track of  the reasons cited for not choosing your business to do the job. Make changes in response to legitimate complaints, and then include them in future advertising efforts. Show them you are listening, and are willing to change to meet customer needs. 


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