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Customer Information Page

PowerMax software opens directly to the Customer Information Screen. This is mission control, it is the starting point for most activities. Once customer information is added here, it is saved to a permanent database. All links to customer information, leads, new job creation, existing jobs, batch processing, printing, reports, program setup, and maintenance are found on this screen.  Additionally, clicking on the "?" button opens a help page providing access to help information, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Customer Information Screen


New customer information is entered or existing customer information is retrieved at this screen.   Directions received from the customer are input into the directions box, and will be available to all jobs for this customer. Clicking "New Job" displays the Job Detail screen. (see below). The new job details are input at this screen or current job details displayed here.

If customer does not provide directions, use the option to "hot link" to an Internet site such as Map Quest or Expedia, then print a map or copy and paste directions into the directions box on the Job Detail Screen.  

To find an existing job, use the Find by Job # dropdown box on the Customer Information Screen. This Job Detail Screen will automatically open up to the specific job.

Job Detail Screen

This Job Detail Screen displays the stored information for the job or permits edit or entry of information for a newly created job.  The (7) checkboxes appearing on the left side are dynamic, the text changes with the selected job type. The specific job types and text are defined by the user.   This means that they are individualized by the software user to their liking.   

These screens are the two main data entry screens within the PowerMax business management software package. All information entered on these screens is used for estimates, invoicing, routing, route planning, scheduling, follow-up management, mail list, and creating all reports and labels for your seal coating, line striping, or paving business.

PowerMax software increases your profitability by putting the information you gather to work!